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Enjoy a deep and sustained relaxation of body and mind and encourage your body’s self-regulating potential with personalized Shiatsu care

Shiatsu Treatments


The treatment consists of a series of smooth movements and pressures applied in rhythm with your breathing, so as to experience the present moment with a relaxed body and mind. This gentle, enveloping treatment is ideal for reconnecting with yourself and letting go,
calming the nervous system and feeling deep relaxation.

Session duration : 1h
Price: 6,000¥ Including all tax


Traditional Shiatsu treatment stimulates the brain and the digestive system, strengthens immunity, slows down premature ageing of cells, relieves back pain and migraines, reduces sleep
and gynecological problems and blood flow issues, and helps with draining.


Session duration : From 1h30 to 2h
Price : 10,000¥ Including all tax


The treatment helps nursing and expectant mothers to reconnect with themselves and recover awareness of their body following the changes linked to pregnancy or motherhood. It also helps solve breast-feeding problems, digestive disorders, and tension.

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Session duration : From 1h to 1h30
Price : 10,000¥ Including all tax

What is Shiatsu?

The art of Shiatsu originated in Japan. Its source is the philosophy and knowledge behind the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, which embodies thousands of years of experience. It is a means of preventing illness and maintaining good health. It helps to relieve the harmful effects of stress and its related physical and psychological disorders.


Basic principles of Shiatsu:

• A holistic approach to the human being,
• preventive maintenance of the physical, psychological and emotional balance by restoring the energy flow (KI) in the body.


What does a Shiatsu session involve?

It begins with a gentle contact to enable me to synchronize my movements with your respiratory rhythm and locate any tense, energy-deficient, blocked or dissymmetric areas in your body. This is followed by stretching, combined with pressure from the fingers, palms or elbows along the acupuncture meridians or reflex zones defined in traditional practice, so as to facilitate the flow of energy.

Shiatsu is a method for relaxation and wellbeing, which helps to promote health. It also complements conventional medicine, but does not replace medical treatment. Its benefits are increasingly recognized through scientific studies carried out in Japan, the US and Europe, which confirm its usefulness for maintaining good health. Indeed, some complementary health insurance systems now fully or partly reimburse “therapeutic Shiatsu”. It is classed as an alternative medicine.

About me

After several years of professional experience as project manager in the associative, artistic and business sectors, I was led in 2010 encounters to become interested in health prevention, more especially Shiatsu. My own experience of Shiatsu treatment showed me how beneficial it was, physically, mentally and emotionally, as it gave me comfort, support and balance. At the same time, I saw that more and more people were suffering from the negative effects of stress, which have a major impact on health and put it in danger. I realized the importance of questions relating to individual « wellbeing » and harmony in daily life, at home, at work or in social life, and felt it was essential for me to take up the practice of Shiatsu myself.


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