About me

After several years of professional experience as project manager in the associative, artistic and
business sectors, I was led in 2010 encounters to become interested in health prevention, more
especially Shiatsu. My own experience of Shiatsu treatment showed me how beneficial it was,
physically, mentally and emotionally, as it gave me comfort, support and balance. At the same
time, I saw that more and more people were suffering from the negative effects of stress, which
have a major impact on health and put it in danger. I realized the importance of questions
relating to individual « wellbeing » and harmony in daily life, at home, at work or in social life, and
felt it was essential for me to take up the practice of Shiatsu myself.
I therefore followed four years of study and practice of therapeutic Shiatsu at the Doco-Shiatsu
School in Marseille, and earned the diploma recognized by the French Federation of Traditional
Shiatsu. In my thesis, I studied the benefits of Shiatsu for patients living with HIV for more than
20 years and showed how Shiatsu treatment helped reduce their stress, sleep problems and pain.
I then realized that physical health depends on many factors, including the environment, and
social and emotional conditions. This led me to specialize in “body/mind and feelings”
relationships, which is usually called the psycho-emotional or psycho-corporal approach.
I now live in Japan, where I had the privilege of being trained by Shiatsu-ki Master Namikoshi and
practitioner and teacher Daniel Menini.
My combination of acquired skills and six years of practicing Shiatsu enable me to give you
individualized and caring Shiatsu treatment, and thus accompany you in a process of complete